Outdoors Conversations


Okay, why not. I’ll build a fire.

Meantime, I’ll gather up kindling.

Okay, I’ll split some of this firewood.

Okay’s here’s the kindling. I’ll get some water, while you make fire.

When it’s flaming more, I’ll put the potatoes on.

Something smells like it’s burning!

Hey, the water boiled out of my pot!

A. ttho wi, nami’i gi ė bėthêk gi tthagzowêk (nami i gi ė bėthêk - the ones under)

No, only the ones at the bottom burned.

A . ttho wi zhë gégo thagdéwpёgwzëwat. (ttho wi zhё gégo - doesn't matter)

It doesn’t matter if they taste burnt.


I’m going to check on my little garden. Can you come with?

Okay, I’ll go with. What all did you plant?

I planted potatoes, corn, carrots and peas.

Everything seems to be really growing.

Oh, the day before yesterday I weeded all day.

A. nithansêk zhna géni ndё pėnmotwak, ėwi monshkwéwat, wiyé i na géni wėthё ktthė ktёgéyan.

I depend on my kids to do the weeding, that’s why I’m able to plant lots.

B. énwék sё wi na, gin wёyé gdё wthitmak. nin wi ndenshêkéwes. znёget ė nshêkéwzêk nangodgёn.

At least someone is helping you! But me, I’m alone. Once in a while it’s hard to be alone.

A. gda widmёw pi miné wi monshkwéyen. ngё zhё nashkёwak gi nithansêk ėwi nishokmagwyen.

You can tell me when you’re going to weed again. Ill send (chase) my kids to help you.

B. ahaw, igwiyen!

Okay! I’m grateful.


Let’s go pick raspberries!

Do you know where there are alot of them?

We can go over by the old train tracks (bed).

A. dėbnak zhё moshknë’aygo ngot o ktthė kêk (dėbnak-'as long as/at least')

As long as we can fill one big pail.

B. shodë zhna gé gi gda pkёbthёgé. azhodaké gé ni ngё o pkёbthёgé.

You can pick here. I’ll go pick on the other side of the hill.

You were only gone a little while. Didn’t you find any of them?

There’s alot of them, but a big bear and I met.

B. ttho wi, wgi gwékpo'wé. i zhna gé ni ėgi byé ktthė matthiyan! ki moshknё’a né o gdё kêkos (i zhna - then)

No, he turned around and ran. Then I got the heck out of there! Did you fill up your little pail?

Yes, this is the second time I’m filling it up.

Do we have enough to make a pie?

Yes, let’s head for home before the bear comes looking for us.