Household / Conversations


I’m cleaning. Can you help me?

You can sweep. And I’ll mop.

I put it on the other side of the stove.

A. nétёm zhodё ngё thigdёgé.
iw thé pi, ngё gėzbënanen ni wnagnen
bwamshé thigdёman i ėthё wthandak.
(nétёm - first, iw thé pi - then)

First, I’ll sweep here.

Then, I’ll put the dishes away before I

sweep in the kitchen.

Okay, meanwhile I’ll mop.


B. pkwakwёt wgi tpёgnandanawa zhi
wasėtthgënêk. anwé zhё pené
ndë gnё’mёwak béshotth ė bwa
pkwakwtowéwat zhodё wigwamêk.

They knocked a ball through (the window).

I’m always warning them not to play ball

close by the house.

I hear you’re going to build.

Yes, I’m going to add a room to this old


I’m going to hire someone to come build.

Where’s the money coming from to pay

him?(lit-where you are getting it from)

I have quite a bit of money in the bank.

They’ll start soon.

I want them to be done before fall.


Okay, you can wash the window, while I


I have alot of yellow paint.

That’s what I’m going to use.

I’m going to paint the kitchen.

Are you going to paint everything inside?

Yes, I already painted the upstairs.

I’ll go see how you did.

How long did it take you?

A. ahaw, gnёwésh ngi dzhikanen,
ėgi gzibinman ni bmėtsёbgon.
(gnёwésh - a long time)

Okay, it took me a long time to wash the walls.