Guide to Vowel Pronunciation


a – father.

i – feet, beet.

o – snow, go.

e – bit, sit , nit.

é – bat, sat, mat.

ё – but, mut, shut.

ê  –  book , shook, cook.

ė – bet, met, wet.

th –  jump,  john.

tth – church, charlie.

Vowel / Consonant Combinations

ay: as in – eye:  nipithë wėtth byayen

aw: as in – wow:  ngi wawabma

ow: as in – tow:  nishowdésêk

éy: as in  – say,day:  ėgi bmoséyan

ëw: as in – sew: ngi nkëwéna

oy: as in – toy, boy: nipithë ga thë toyen

éw: as in – dow: gabéw

ėw:  as in – sow: ė wdëmayan

ëy: as in – feet:    ėgi wisnëyen

gw: as in – guam:  nigan wthëy igwan

kw:  as in – queen: ngi mnêkwén

Other things to know

There are a few optional sound changes. For example:

ggё can change to
ggi can change to ki

The a/k ending stands for him or her/them. For example:

ggi wthitmëwa/k                             You helped him or her/them

The following are a few abbreviations in the English translations:

h/s                  stands for       he/she
h/h                 stands for       him/her
h/h/them      stands for       him or her or them