Traveling / Conversations


They had a meeting. I went to listen in.

I got lost. On my way back, I picked up your cousin.
His car broke down.

B. ndas zhé zhi mёktthakoynak,
ngothi mana ngot dbêgёn.
(ndas zhé - on this side of)

On this side of Phlox,
about one mile.

Yes, we’re going after it tomorrow.


We’re going to go through Green Bay.
That’s where well join up with interstate 43. Then (on to) Milwaukee.

Are we going to stop somewhere along the

Once in a while, well stop to pick up coffee.

We should get there about six.

Okay, I’m going to sleep awhile on the way.


Do you happen to have a driver’s licence?

Geez, stop!
Are we going to be arrested?

No, I think I’ll probably be given a ticket.

*Time passes*

What did he say? Are you going to pay because we were stopped?

No, he really warned me not to go fast.

A. iw kw’shé ė wenêk o gokoko,
ė bonénmёg’go. nasёna nё ėgathbozen!

It’s good that owl let us off. (left us alone)
Be careful, drive slow from now on!