Time of Day Q&A

nyano dbêgënémget.

It is five o’clock.

i zhё ė nё nyano dbêgënék

It’s getting to be five o’clock.

i zhё ė nё nawkwėk

It’s getting to be noon.

gizh ndatso nseth nish dbêgëné

It is after twelve o’clock.

bwamshé ngot dbêgënék.

It is before one o’clock.

When did you start out? (to get here)

I left around five o’clock.

When did you guys start out?

It was after two o’clock, that’s when we left.

Before two o’clock we left.

3. nithёpi wa odankéyen

When are you going to town?

shwatso dbêgënék nwi odanké

I’m going to town at eight o’clock.

bama nё bgeshmëk nwi odanké

I’m going to wait till evening to go to town.

oswabêk nwi odanké

Day after tomorrow I’m going to town.

wabêk kёzhėp nwi odanké.

Tomorrow morning I’m going to town.