Sleeping / Conversations


After I’m done sewing these mocasins, I’ll sleep.

I might as well get up. I can’t get to sleep.

I drank coffee all day.
I’ve got lots on my mind.

Once in a while, when it’s getting dawn,
I finally fall asleep.


I slept really hard. I didn’t even dream.

You too! I heard you all morning!

I was really tired, that’s why I slept hard.

A. nwėtth mami nwi ne ndo mba ngom.
(nwėtth mami - earlier)
(nё - indicates future time)

I’m going to try to get to sleep earlier.

B. nin gé zhé. kё kwėtthpёkénadmen,
wéni nwėtth wa gzhithanéngwak!

Me too. We’ll try to beat each other,
who can snore the loudest!


No, I had a nightmare last night.

Was someone scaring you?
(in your dreams)

No one was scaring me.
I dreamed I ran into someone (car accident).

Geez! You had a real hard dream.

B. éhé, ngi znёg’apwé.
bėdo na mno mbayan ngom nё pkonyak

Yes, I had a hard dream.
I hope I sleep better this evening.