Relatives Conversations

Why is she around here?

She’s just visiting.

How many days will she be staying here?

She’ll be around here a month.

Do you know that old man sitting over there?

Is that your real grandfather?

B. ttho wi, ngi wėzh’êk, bnёwi zhna gi mbok gi dbёnwé nmeshomsêk ga yawthêk

No, he adopted me. My real grandfathers died a long time ago.

A. ndédéyёm géni ndё nangoma o. nzhёmes shê zhna gégi gdaw yédêk. (yédêk - must be)

My relationship to him, he is my father. So you must be my niece.

B. igwiyen ė wabménan.
ttho ngi gkéndёsin ndenwémagen ė yawyen

I’m grateful to see you. I didn’t know you were my relative

Hello,______ where abouts is your daughter?

She finished high school this past spring.

B. ttho wi, ktthė skonwgёmgok zhyé (wak) nwėtth ėwi gkéndaset. (nwėtth - more)

She’s going to college to get more learning.

Is there something in particular she’s trying to accomplish? (refers to a course of study)