Money Conversations


Can I borrow $10 from you? I’m going to the store.

Okay, why not? When are you going to pay me back?

I’ll pay you back when I get paid, on Friday.

I need coffee and baking powder, and gas.

Can I ask you to bring me some milk and potatoes?

A. ahaw, wéwidbêkzhé wa odankéyan. (wéwidbêkzhé - while I have a chance)

Okay, while I have a chance to go to town.


How much Social Security do you get?

B. nyéwwak ngotwatsomtené nshetth nish ndėbnan, ėtso bmёgset odё gizes.

I get $462 each month.

Are you able to save some?

B. bkéthi zhё anwé ndezgёknan. gin thé, gdėbnёgé né gégi (bkéthi- a little bit)

I am able to save a little. And you? Do you get something too?

Yes, I get a Veteran’s pension.

Where abouts were you a soldier?

I was sent to Korea. I was a soldier for two years.

They called me, but I didn’t make it.


How much are those needles? (sewing)

There are ten in that little bag. They cost $1.50

Yes, I’m going to buy those. Is there anything more you’re looking for?

I’m going to look at tennis shoes.

*time passes*

Yes, they are too expensive.

A. ngothi zhna gda pa zhё ndёwabdamen ndowatth. (ndowatth - might as well)

We might as well look for them somewhere else.


Ok Let’s go to the casino for a little while.

Okay, I’ll pay you back if I should win.

A. ngot ésben nwi gwёthё’ak mbėdo wi na ktthė pkenagéygo! (mbėdo - I hope)

I’m going to try quarters. I hope we win big!

B. ktthė gnёwésh zhna éko pkenagéyan. (ktthė gnёwésh zhna éko - a long time since)

It’s been a long time since I won.

*time passes*

I’ll give you half of what I won.