Cooking & Eating Conversations


Yes, I’m dizzy from hunger! What are you cooking?

Okay, you can watch my pot,while I make bread.

Okay, I’ll make some tea too.

There isn’t any tea. You can make coffee.

When will the meat be done cooking?

A. mano zhё kё wzamen i wëyas, ėwi dé gizhdék i pkwėshgen. (dé - a chance to)

We’ll keep on boiling the meat, so the bread has a chance to get done cooking.

B. ahaw. godё thé kothésêk gwi zaskokwanamen né anaké zhё gwi bidapkёwėbnamen (godё thé - how about these)

How about these beans? Are we going to fry them or put them in the oven?

It’s up to you, what you want to do.


Is there a restaurant around here somewhere?

Yes, there is one by the hardware store.

We should go there, I’m getting dizzy.

Okay, why not?

I haven’t made up my mind yet. And you?

A. mbankikosen zhna géni nméskwabdanen. gda gwthêptanen ni wawnon miné ham.

The pancakes look good to me. You should try the eggs and ham. (lit- taste)

I don’t like ham, but I could eat some eggs. (lit-eggs would be okay, I could eat them)

They’re really busy, there are alot of people eating (lit- eaters.)

I suppose we’ll have to wait before we get our food. (lit-before they feed us)

That’s right! I need a smoke. I’m going to light up.

B. ttho mamda zhodё bidêk da thё wdёmayen. (ttho mamda - can't)

You can’t smoke in here,

Geez! I’ll go smoke outside.


We were invited to a feast in Stone Lake.

B. Marty ngi wik’kwmёgwnan. wgwesen mё ni wgi ntawén. (mё ni - must have)

Marty invited us. His son must have killed something (deer).

A. Oh, ė wshké ntawét, wiyé i wėthё wik’kwgét. (wshké - first)

Oh, he killed his first deer, that’s why he’s having a feast. (lit.- one who killed his first)

Yes, he killed a big buck.

A. iw kwshé ė wenêk, ė nagdowat odё gété zhetthkéwen. (gété -old)

It’s good, they are following the old ways.