Going Places / Doing Things

nwi o ndodaskéI am going to go pray. (or go to religious services)

nwi o ndodaskémenWe are going to go pray.

ngi nta pamades géni nëkoI used to travel a lot at one time. (Literal – I did a lot travel myself at one time.)

pambozéHe/she is riding around. (in a car)

ngë pambosI will go riding around.

ahaw, kë pambozmen!Okay, let’s go riding around!

nipithë wa pa pozyen?Where are you going to go riding around at?

winithë ga byé withbozimet?Who did you ride along with to come here?

zgabyéngéHe/she is driving.

nzëgabyéngéI am driving.

ngi byé nshiwbozI came like heck! (drove really fast to get somewhere)

ngi byé nshiwbozmenWe came like heck! (drove really fast)